Why play this game:

Participants in The Samurai Game® find themselves asking:

  • When the going gets tough, rules do not easily apply, and the future is unclear - how do I show up as a leader? 
  • When distractions are rampant, how do I remain present and focused on what matters most?
  • When no one is watching and the consequences are uncertain, do I act with integrity?
  • When my team’s integrity is tested to the limits – do we crack or get stronger?
  • When I encounter challenges, can I tolerate the discomfort of new learning or do I stick to my comfortzone?  

What happens in the game:

The Samurai Game® allows you to safely cross a border beyond your everyday life, from which you may see yourself, your priorities, your habits and space for growth with greater clarity. 

As a simulation-game, The Samurai Game® has rules and consequences, choices and results, risks and rewards - just like life. Yet because it’s a simulation, you can make mistakes, explore new ways of being and acting, and learn without all of the risk.  


Participants in the Samurai Game® cultivate awareness, resourcefulness and decisiveness in challenging situations marked by uncertainty, ambiguity and chaos.

The Samurai Game® involves no significant physical contact. 

It simulates the intensity and immediacy of battle, but unfolds within a carefully designed and secure environment, providing participants with fertile opportunities for self-reflection and insights that apply to the realities of personal and professional life.

Participants in the Samurai Game® routinely experience:

  • The power of team commitment and collaboration.
  • A new understanding of the value of trust and integrity in leadership. 
  • The difference between ‘talking the talk’ and ‘walking the walk’.
  • The power of meeting challenges in a centered and grounded way.


The Samurai Game® was created by George Leonard (1923 – 2010), journalist, Aikido instructor, musician, public speaker, author of numerous books and key-player in the Human Potential movement. 


Leadership Matters is the expert in The Netherlands in running this game in professional contexts. Playing the game with colleagues from your team / organization is an extremely powerful experience, not only providing many insights but also strengthening the collective ‘learning muscle’.


For more information, please contact Nelleke Veldhuijzen (+31654972355;
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or visit www.samuraigame.org.


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