“The complexity of the challenges we face is increasing, just like the pressure to change the way we work. Most managers are painfully aware and try to manage it all, to the best of their Aad-de-Bruijn-LeadershipMattersabilities. However, in many cases the answer to the questions ‘What to change?’ or ‘How to lead differently?’ is not that obvious. We are standing on the threshold of a new way of doing business and the paradigm of leadership is shifting. I believe the intellectual horsepower and experience to succeed is present in most organisations. It’s the leaders capacity to harness this potential that is often missing.

You can’t innovate and get things right the first time. People need a healthy environment to tap into that intelligence. Effective leadership in these fascinating times is primarily about building the capacity to learn and to adapt to continuously changing circumstances.”


Aad de Bruijn (born 1967, Abidjan – Ivory Coast) grew up in different cultures in Africa and Asia. After his return to Holland, he studied International Management at the Amsterdam School of Business. He subsequently completed a study in Law at the University of Amsterdam and spent more than nine years working as an attorney. Together with two partners he successfully founded his own law firm in Den Haag.


In 2003 he followed his heart and switched his career to the area of business training, coaching and consulting. Aad has an extensive experience, both as trainer and coach, in the profit and not-for-profit area, with multinationals (such as Philips, Sara Lee, KPN), family-businesses and smaller organisations. He has conducted corporate programs in Europe, Asia, North- and South-America.

Working style and strengths

Aad is result-oriented, practical, engaging, honest, adaptive and works with integrity and humour. He has a remarkable skill in addressing the most confronting issues in respectful and political savvy ways. This has proven to be especially helpful in dealing with teams in conflict.

Areas of Expertise

  • Leadership development of individuals, teams and organisations
  • Facilitating teamwork and dealing with teams in conflict
  • Communication, effective skills for collaboration, clarity and commitment
  • Holacracy: a comprehensive practice for structuring, governing and running an organisation

Qualification / Certification

Aad is qualified to use a divers range of (diagnostic) tools, methods, like Holacracy and personality type instruments such as: Interaction Styles, 4 Temperaments and Cognitive Dynamics.

To ensure excellent professional standards, Aad follows the Code of Ethics of the International Coach Federation (ICF) and invests in his professional development.