“You either lead by example, or you don’t lead at all. Leadership, in my opinion, is not dependent on a role or position and goes far beyond ego, status or personal achievement. Even though Nelleke-Veldhuijzen-LeadershipMattersthe context of leadership is changing rapidly, the content is still directly linked to our human need for a meaningful purpose, well coordinated action and belonging. 

Yet in these times with fierce international competition, highly demanding customers, fast technological developments, depletion of natural resources and increasing insecurity, we meet a lot of leaders who get pressured into a management-mindset, in an attempt to provide continuity and stability. With increased complexity and lightspeed change of everything, the old system of 'predict-command-and-control' no longer works and many organisations are at risk of being over-managed and under-led. Leadership became the ‘contact-sport’ of business. To meet the challenges of our time, we need the very best of our thinking, feeling and doing 'on the mat'. The capacilty to generate trust, learn fast and create a culture in which people willingly invest the very best of themselves - day after day - makes the difference. People are still the key contributors to the success of any organisation. And in leadership, you need to 'walk your talk' to inspire others to excel. There are no shortcuts around this...” 


Nelleke Veldhuijzen (born 1969, Amsterdam) started her career at a very young age as adancer. After her study in Law and Communication Science, she gained international experience in diverse management roles in the Arts & Entertainment Business. During this period she discovered her passion for people’s development and her talent in creating high performing teams.


Since 1997 she shifted her career from management to training, coaching and consulting. Nelleke designs and delivers transformational training-programs, combined with solid implementation practices and coaching to deepen and secure the learning. Nelleke has an extensive experience in the profit and not-for-profit area and worked as trainer, coach or facilitator in Europe, the Middle-East and Asia, with multinationals (like Bosch, Vodafone and Panasonic), smaller companies and governmental organisations. Trusted consultancy firms hire her as freelance trainer, coach or facilitator for special clients.

She also passionately developed other trainers and coaches with great success.

Together with her husband and their two sons, she lives in De Rijp, the Netherlands.

Working style and strengths

Honest, straightforward, respectful, challenging, focus on achieving results, great listening skills, delivers spot-on and insightful observations with courage and humour, maintains high personal standard of integrity.

Areas of Expertise

  • Leadership development of individuals, teams and organisations
  • Building cohesive and effective teams, with healthy cultures
  • Communication (verbal / non-verbal), effective influencing skills
  • Leadership Presence, Mind-Body Connection

Qualification / Certification

Nelleke is qualified to use a divers range of (diagnostic) tools, methods, and personality type instruments such as: Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI), Interaction Styles, 4 Temperaments, Cognitive Dynamics, DiSC, Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP), Time Line Therapy, Somatics, Holacracy.

To ensure excellent professional standards, Nelleke follows the Code of Ethics of the International Coach Federation (ICF) and invests in being supervised by the world’s leading coaches and mentors.